Rich Push Notification: Everything You Need to Know

Rich Push Notification: Everything You Need to Know

Making a connection is important when it comes to your mobile phone users. Rich push notification have incredible power for keeping a brand or app top of mind for users, according to savvy marketers. Rich push notifications add a layer of interactivity and engagement to your message, taking it to the next level.

Let’s explore more about rich push notifications and how they play a significant role in bringing a memorable experience.

Push notifications have existed since 2009, two years after the release of the iPhone. Despite this, push notifications haven’t changed much since then. If you think that the mobile technology is trying to push innovation forward, there would be a better way to grab someone’s attention by now. Yet, rich push notifications would provide a much richer experience

Rich push notifications increase the number of meaningful connections you can make with mobile users. Push notifications, like social media posts, have a character limit and pose a challenge to even the most savvy mobile marketers. Advanced notifications use images to convey meaning, enhancing your cumulative engagement strategy.

What Are Rich Push Notifications and How Do They Work?

Rich push notifications are quick pop-up messages with a rich media attachment, such as an animated video, GIF,  or audio, sent to a user’s device. They enable you to engage with your customers in a friendly manner even when they aren’t effectively using your software or visiting your website.

“Content extensions” are interactive elements that can be included in rich push notifications. These enable users to complete tasks without having to open an app from their device’s lock screen. You can use them to persuade a user to buy a specific item or attend a specific sale,  share a notification with a friend or register for an event

Because rich push notifications allow you to include more than just copy in a message, they can help you improve your push game. Consider it a mini-email within a notification, complete with copy, images, videos, audio, GIFs, and interactive CTAs. Email campaigns require a lot of effort, but they don’t always arrive in your users’ inboxes at the right time. Sending these media-rich notifications gives you a faster way to reach out to users.

Let’s take a look at which devices and systems support rich push notifications, as well as the types of content you can include.


With support for rich push notifications, Apple is (surprisingly) leading the way.

All of the following types of media can be included in a rich push to iOS 10 iPhones and iPads:

rich push notification


At the moment, Android support is very limited, with only large images in JPEG or PNG formats supported. All the other rich media content had to be shared via links instead of being loaded directly into the notification.

While GIFs aren’t technically represented, you can still use rich push notifications to send them to Android devices. The catch is that, like email clients that don’t support GIFs, they would then freeze on the first frame and refuse to play the rest of the animation. If you don’t want to start creating two separate notifications, one for devices that support GIFs and another for those that don’t, the first frame of the GIF will suffice as a good representation of the message.

Rich Push Notifications Examples

In general, Rich media is more engaging than plain text. Wouldn’t a fun GIF be preferable to a block of text Rich push notifications highlight your message and invite customers to interact with it by using videos, images, and other elements that catch people’s attention.

Rich push notifications can be used in a variety of ways to engage customers. Here are a few examples:

  1. Notifying a user of a special occasion
  2. Sending price alerts or notices of upcoming sales
  3. Introducing a new product or service is a big deal.
  4. Sending weather or news updates
  5. Taking a new user through the steps of onboarding
  6. Reminding a user to go back to their online shopping cart

The more you know about your users and what they like, the easier it will be to create rich notifications that they won’t be able to ignore. Giving them relevant and useful information combined with inviting rich media can make your brand memorable and encourages your users to buy something, attend an event, or sign up for a service.

Is Rich Push Notifications More Effective Than Text-Only Push Notifications?

As per statistics, rich media formats, increase reaction rates by 25%. Despite this, only about 8% of marketers use rich media in their push notifications.

Other important push notification techniques can help you take your push game to the next level. Personalization on a basic level can increase open rates by nearly 10%. Advertisements with precise target can achieve click-through rates of 30% or more with proper segmentation.

Specific Reason in Using Rich Push Notification?

Push notifications, in general, keep mobile phone users connected and notified about everything from 50% off your favourite shoes to the latest hit single. Rich push notifications are similar to regular push notifications, but they result in significantly higher user engagement.

It takes more than a great app to give your users a memorable experience. After all, mobile users need to be connected to their phones. Rich push notification add interactivity, which helps mobile marketers  enhance engagement and retention. With the touch of a button, the enhanced experience will make the interaction more meaningful, resulting in more conversions and loyalty for your app.

Text-only push notifications assist users remember your brand. Rich push notification provide an additional layer of visual appeal and interactivity to keep users engaged, delighted, surprised, and even entertained. The more positive your user’s experience with your company and app is, the more memorable your brand becomes. Across messaging and the in-app experience, our integrated solution generates meaningful engagement.

What can you do with them?

Behavioural analytics tools can help you assist in increasing customer engagement and create meaningful experiences for them. Our cutting-edge automation platform makes it easy to put advanced notifications to the test.

In just 6 easy steps, you can launch your rich push notification campaigns.

  1. Select Push Notification when creating a new message.
  2. Choose your targets.
  3. Select an image.
  4. Please upload an image.
  5. Get a sneak peek at the push.
  6. Send across the message.


Push notifications are an opportunity you can’t afford to miss, especially as the number of people using mobile apps grows. They are  not as intrusive as other types of client interaction. They are useful to boost traffic and provide added value to users by delivering a superior customer experience. Keep in mind, however, that the information you provide must be relevant and compelling. If you don’t, your app’s push notifications will become annoying and inconvenient, leading to negative preconceptions of your app and organisation as a whole.

Creative push notifications have proven to be an effective marketing strategy for many businesses. Sending well-crafted, relevant, as well as timely push messages to customers who have already expressed interest in your business could thus be a successful marketing strategy.

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