Push notification trends and best practices on various industries – finance, telecom, eCommerce, food

Push notification trends and best practices on various industries – finance, telecom, eCommerce, food

Your clients are continually bombarded with information, offers, and guidance thanks to a plethora of apps. Push notifications, which appear as alerts on a mobile device, are an excellent method to capture their attention. They’re quickly becoming omnipresent, with more mobile users opting in to get them than ever before (46% in the finance industry). But how should you use push notifications to connect with your customers properly? Do they always have the solution to the communication issue? What lessons can you glean from how they’re used in other industries? This article highlights interesting Push notification trends from various verticals.

Push Notification Trends in Finance Industry

When you personalize communications to unique conditions at certain times, you get the best outcomes. Remember that personalized alerts will never be mistaken for sales pitches or, worse yet, spam.

In recent years, many banks have made significant investments in their applications to provide a more accessible method for technologically aware customers to access their accounts. Pushnotification trends keeps on changing and these people can benefit from push notifications in a variety of ways:

  1. Make reasonable offers and discounts available to your consumers as part of specific account privileges.

      2. Inform them of any changes in interest rates, higher credit limits, or the arrival of a new card.

It’s not only about keeping your consumers updated, whether they’re millennials or not. Financial services companies that want to succeed in this new era of digital communication need to be innovative. Customers can benefit from data aggregation, aided by alerts APIs, by receiving fast, holistic, and tailored advice.

Significant benefits

If you attach notifications to an aggregated wealth picture, you may start to convey a comprehensive and relevant image of an individual’s financial health.

Push notifications should aim to improve productivity by relaying critical and timely information – and they should never force end-users to take additional steps, such as launching a separate app.

Balance summaries, paycheck notifications, bill monitoring, and international payments alerts are among the most important financial services notifications, and they also provide budgeting and saving target tracking.

 Push Notification Trends in Telecom Industry

In recent years, the adoption of telecom self-care apps has been a significant priority for the business. Telecom service providers want to engage their app users and become their preferred gateway for things including bill payments, balance recharges, wallet transactions, and purchasing Value Added Services (VAS).

The telecom business might gain a few ways to overcome the problem directly from employing push notifications.

Telecom industry

Event-based triggers are particularly effective at reactivating abandoned users and encouraging them to complete transactions in the app. You can also use push notifications to deliver timely reminders to both postpaid and prepaid users in situations like low balance, data recharge, and bill due date approaches. Users would prefer your Selfcare app for money transactions as a result of this personalized experience.

Reactivation of Dormant Users Churn Prediction

Inactivity among users is a significant factor in forecasting app attrition. You can quickly detect idle users if you regularly watch their behavior. Push notifications can help you figure this out by evaluating data such as app opens, click rates, and transaction completion rates, all of which express the user’s current activity state.

Push Notification Trends in eCommerce Industry

Ecommerce Industry

In the eCommerce business, web push notifications are regarded as an essential tool for communicating with customers.

Create a sense of urgency to encourage faster conversions

If there’s a sense of scarcity and urgency surrounding an object, they’re drawn to it, and it’s human nature to react immediately and take action without hesitation. Reap the benefits of this mindset by making your push alerts more urgent to get customers to unlock their wallets.

Segmentation of the target audience

We all know that no two users are the same, don’t send generic notifications to your subscribers in bulk.

To get the most out of your push notification marketing, your segmentation strategy should take into account the following information:

  • Gender, age, location, device, and other user characteristics are all factors to consider.
  • History of the user’s browsing
  • Purchases made previously
  • Send tailored and relevant push notifications.

Knowing and understanding your clients’ buying behaviors is useless if you don’t know how to use the information in your web push notification campaigns.

Trends in Food Industry

Here are three of the most creative push notifications to help you boost your CTR and consumer engagement with your mobile app:

Be relevant, personal, and engaging

The flexibility to personalize which visitors receive what messages, from location-based and time-based notifications to city-specific or even weather-specific promos, allows your company to market better, be more topical, and be more personal, which usually leads to better results.

Don’t go overboard

Thanks to the advent of mobile restaurant apps, we now have access to more eateries than ever before. In general, the data gathered can reveal a great deal about the customers themselves, including how often each visitor should hear from you. Give a monthly visitor a weekly notification and a quarterly visitor a monthly notification. In every situation, encouraging additional visits without over-communicating is the greatest way to drive incremental income.

Focus more on the timing 

When is the greatest time to contact your prospective guests? Just as they’re about to make a food choice. It’s feasible to send consumers a push notification 20-30 minutes before they’re likely to open their app.


Push notifications are a chance you can’t afford to pass on, especially as the use of mobile apps continues to grow. They are less obtrusive than other forms of client interaction. They can also be utilised to increase traffic and add value to users by providing an exceptional customer experience. However, keep in mind that the information you offer must be appropriate and compelling. If you don’t, your app’s push notifications will become irritating and annoying, resulting in bad perceptions of your app and company as a whole.

For many firms, creative push notifications have proven to be a successful marketing technique. Sending well-drafted, relevant, and timely push messages to people who have already expressed interest in your company might thus prove to be an effective marketing strategy.


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