Behavioral Intelligence


Bird’s eye-view of new, active users and sessions over time.
Base Metrics that Matter

User Count – Unique users across platforms.

DAU – Users who used the web/app at least once in last 24 hours

MAU – Users who used the web/app at least once in the last 30 days

Stickiness – Percentage of frequent users

Time spent on web/app – Accurately determine if there is real growth in usage based on time spent

Where & When – Know where and when your users are using your web/app to determine how and when you should engage with them.


Attribution data to optimize marketing spends.
Optimize Marketing Spends

As an Enterprise, with significant reliance on digital channels for your business, you already know how to manage ‘pay per click/view campaigns’ and use of multiple channels to progress your business. You either depend on Agency’s executives to ‘look after’ your interests OR have an (often expensive) resources deployed for this.

We know how to put machine learning on your side. Combine your expertise with our cross-publisher ad management platform and gain substantial benefits – both in efficacy as well as economics.

Our predictive models learn and decide how to optimize digital marketing results across ad platforms, making optimized bid adjustments within budget…24/7. Built by a team of ex-Microsoft, Google and Adobe veterans, and an expert group of data scientists who have invested years of research to develop this world-class Machine Learning layer.

What can you expect?
  • – Shift spends to more productive networks and save marketing money
  • – 70-80% of the time hit the targeted budget spend
  • – 70+% probability to improve Ad Campaign performance (CPC/CPA/CPI)


Visualize how often new users return and engage with your application.
How cohorts help

Cohorts allow you to create a custom definition of a group of users based on the events or sequence of events they have performed.

You can create cohorts based on behavior and/or properties and view them as a segment on our graphs such as Audience Segments, Funnels, and Retention.

Business Events

Industry-first feature for event visualization and drill down on the properties and context of each event
Importance of business events

Drill down into events and their attributes. Slice and dice them by various parameters. All without writing a single line of code!

If you are a Marketer or Product Manager and want to understand how your events or their attributes are preforming over time or other parameters, this feature is indispensable.


See the users journey across multiple paths in a single infographic. Zoom in/out or filter to focus on the paths that matter.
Importance of journeys

Journeys help you understand all the user experiences in your system and the important waypoints in those experiences. You can select and focus on important waypoints, where each waypoint represents a business event.

Immediately visualize the steps taken before and after events like Checkout or Transaction Successful or Churn and see the “influencers” for these events.

Visual CX

How Visual CX works

Visual CX is one of the cornerstones of qualitative app analytics to truly understand mobile user behavior.

Watch every user action and understand exactly their behaviour on your web/app, which problems they’re experiencing, and how to fix them.​


This feature enables you to tackle vital situations such as:
  • Every click, gesture, touch can be visualized allowing you to gain instant insights of your user experience.
  • Record and replay recordings to understand the real reasons behind your users’ actions like crashes, UI  freezes,  performance issues etc.
  • Analyze session recordings to focus on the sessions that cause negative reviews and churn.
  • SDK is easy to integrate and can be integrated without developer support.
  • All the screens can be captured and data captured is security compliant.

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