Messaging Channels


Make use of the behavioral data to send contextual email to your customer that aligns with their behavior and journey across your website and app.  Email that aligns with customer journey can resonate with potential customers. Furthermore, identify and segregate your inactive customers, loyal customers, abandoned carts, etc. to send them personalized email campaigns for in the moment experiences.


How can you use email campaigns?


Alert and updates: Send alert to your customers about reward points, sale receipts, delivery, bank balances, status, service status, and more.

Event triggered alert: Automatically trigger email alerts to your customers based on their behavioral and lifecycle events. Whether it’s welcoming a new customer, or reminding them about items lying in their cart or even win-back inactive customers

Recommendation based on purchase history: Send recommendations of the preferred products  based on your customer’s purchase history that will ideally increase customer life-time value.


Key Benefits


  • Every factor for marketing success with Email

Get access to everything starting from email setup to quality assurance along with customization

  • High-Quality Email Delivery

Maintain the health of your domain and IP reputation to ensure high email deliverability rates.


  1. Next-Generation Personalization

Get access to our advanced personalization and segmentation tools to send more relevant messages.



Achieve wider reach and greater customer engagement by integrating personalized SMS alerts into your multi-channel marketing strategy. With appICE’s dynamic campaign capabilities, you can personalize your message and keep your customers engaged when your customers read and like it. Highly customized SMS marketing campaigns drive more conversion rate to your marketing plans. 

You can also measure the interactions using campaign specific URLs and deep links.

Benefits of SMS campaigns


App acquisition and customer engagement

Drive more deals and increase installs/engagement for your app that can run more promotions, offers, contests, discount codes to boost conversions.



Transactional alerts

Send notification to your customers about recent transactions, appointments, milestones, loyalty points, due dates, and many more through dynamic SMS campaign


Personalized retargeting

Retarget you potential customers with highly contextual messages as per their past history, behavior and propensity.


Reactivation and campaign

Reach out to your customers who are about to churn. Get their feedback and suggestions to incentivize reactivation.


App Inbox

The best way to engage your customers better is when they open your app. This is the ideal way to attract your customers and make them explore your app is through in-app messages.

Though app inbox functions similar to email, it has one advantage. Instead of sending the notification to your email account, it can be sent through in-app inbox allowing them to access the content when they open the app. This enables you to reach users with personalized promotion, documents and related communications.


Entertainment apps can make use of this app inbox to onboard your customers and provide them personalized content based on their preferences, interests, and recently watched shows.

If you are looking to establish your customer base through onboarding new customers or by re-engaging existing customers, app inbox is a great mode for your mobile marketing strategy.


Benefits of App Inbox for Customer Experience


Amazing onboarding experience

Craft amazing onboarding experience for your customers on the first look and pave way for a long term association. Understand your customer preferences, welcome new customers, or guide them to explore your site better.


Promotion Center

Utilize App Inbox to engage customers with the latest marketing campaign and enable your customers to check new promotions. Do not wait to send personalized promotions through emails, make it more accessible by sending it through App Inbox.


Enhance onboarding experience

Help customers to personalize their apps and enable them to create smooth and seamless onboarding experience to engage more customers


Unlock more channels for communication

Use App Inbox to extend your channel for communication to establish connection with your users. 


Push Notifications

Rich and Personalized Push Notification


Push notifications are a great way to reach users and easily grab the attention of the customers who are not currently active in your app. For many good reasons push notifications are obtaining the spotlight, when used correctly they are incredibly effective. Push notifications are an excellent way to send curated content such as images, videos, or even articles.


Extensive audience segmentation along with detailed campaign reporting and powerful intelligence features gives people the confidence to understand the right approach and deliver impactful and personalized messages to the app and web users.

You can also send push notifications to your web users with web push, providing an additional channel to grow your reach and personalize your customer experience in new ways.

Personalized Messaging

Create customized messages with activity or information related to customer history such as purchase history, product viewed or check-in locations.  It also enables you to know how push notifications can drive changes in user behavior and witness the causing high opt outs or uninstalls.


Rich Media Support

Do you know rich push notifications can drive over 28% of customer retention. Make your notification more engaging by adding attractive images, audio, or video to enhance your brand image. Offer an attractive preview to your new product or service offering.


Interactive Push Notifications

Remind your customers by keeping them engaged with interactive and customized messages. Proactively prevent customer churn with notifications that your users will likely respond to.  Dynamically personalize your content to make it interactive with personal details like categories, details, etc.


A/B & Multivariate Testing


To better determine the ideal approach, try multiple message copies with variations along with features to split delivery and to send campaign messages to customer subset. Irrespective of the industry like news sites, streaming or a media company, push notification can be a great way to deliver highly curated content like music, video, and articles.


Here Are Some Effective Ways to Use Push Notifications


Display Content

Display message based on user interest and preferences  


Engage users

Keep your audience updated with relevant information such as promotions, product updates, order status, or any other alerts and news. Send reminders to customers to complete the check out or registration process.


Reminder Messages

Send friendly reminders to your user when a scheduled booking comes near.



Increase retention

Increase retention rates by re-engaging customers who haven’t used the app in recent times or visited your website in a while.


Send a push notification to your customers that are at high risk of churning to bring them back with exciting promotional offers such as discounts, new deals, and showcase programs that aligns with their preferences and likes. 


In-App Messaging

The ideal time to engage with your audience is when they have opened the app and are ready to explore. Use this great opportunity to show the options and engage with them. Hold your customers attention with relevant and personalized messages that trigger action and enhance the app experience. Get access to a multiple in-app message options accompanied with excellent campaign reporting and deep segmentation.


Utilize every opportunity to engage customers and improve their experience with your app across multiple points of their journey. Send contextual and personalized messages to create a better experience that delight customers.

Grab the attention of the users with relevant, personalized messages that triggers action and enhance the app experience. Experience the excellence of various in-app message options along with campaign reporting and deep customer segmentation


Benefits of in-app messaging


Enhance customer experience: Enhance customer experience with content rich in-app messages. Generate more leads by getting more active customers, driving new features, onboard new users and launching more promotional and personalized recommendations.


Rich Media: Send in-app notifications to potential users with rich media such as video, GIF, and audio that perfectly work in any device and type automatically.


Push opt-ins: Utilize in-app messages as a method to seek permissions upon downloads and when the user gets familiar with your app.



Onboard users: Greet new users and help them to understand your app and explore better. Guide them through your app with informative tutorials, category preferences and offer great discounts for their first sales.


Increase Retention: Bring user attention to your new features or products that makes your app even engaging and offer an exceptional customer experience.


Deliver personalized recommendations: Capabilities to target potential audience through our in-app message feature is an ideal way to offer personalized user experience inside your app.



Create beautiful and contextual popups, banners and bars for your mobile and desktop visitors. Get data for specified time frames regarding number of visitors, views, and conversion rates of pop ups you have created. Create beautiful and contextual popups, banners and bars for your mobile and desktop visitors. Various pop ups help visitors stay notified about important occasions on your site and a lot more.


Benefits of Popups for your mobile apps and website


Trigger by Exit-Intent, time delay, scrolling, on-click and more


Target by traffic source (search engines, social networks etc.)


Target by countries, specified dates and time of day



Target by specific website pages (URL or title of pages)



Show to new or returning visitors, hide from converted visitors


Control frequency of display to each visitor, and much more!


Web Push

Send relevant messages to your subscribers at the right time in the right place with web push notifications and get better conversion and more revenue.


How can you use Web Push?


Unlimited Notifications


You can notify your subscribers as often as you want. They don’t have to install any additional apps or plugins. They just accept receiving notifications from your website and voilà!




Track the location of your subscribers and send targeted and relevant notifications, with either localized content or time-specific scheduling.




Real time reporting systems provide essential usage and engagement data available for each push message you send with the necessary charts.


Granular Filtering


Easily decide and control who should receive your push notification. Build custom profiles for your users and filter using a name, email, phone and more. Drive visitors back to your website. Notifications that work across all push enabled browsers, and all websites. No need to invest in a mobile app just to communicate with your visitors.



WhatsApp API delivers Better Customer Service that offers always-on support and sends useful notifications. Customers want to connect with businesses on a familiar platform that is fast and reliable.

Using WhatsApp Business API for your business messaging opens the door for better communication – leading to better customer engagement, increased trust, and long-term customer relationships.


Send real-time alerts and notifications while offering always-on support through a chatbot or live agent. Respond to customer-initiated conversations over WhatsApp for free within 24 hours of the first message being sent. Enable your contact center agents to provide quick, conversational support, get instant feedback, and resolve issues in one-on-one conversations. Collect opt-ins from your customers to deliver template messages over WhatsApp. Once your customers are opted-in, you can send alerts and notifications in real time.


Use media message templates to create rich notifications that include downloadable documents, images, videos, or location sharing


What can you do with Whatsapp API?


Media: Send images, videos, files, and more to complete processes faster.

Location: Share locations in real-time to enhance delivery services.

Contacts: Quickly send contact information to help connect the right person at the right time.

Documents: Instantly provide documents for quick reviews and conversions.

Automated Responses: Reduce response time by automating replies to commonly asked questions.

Complete Analytics: View real-time campaign analytics, including sent, read, and replied to.

Conversational Messaging: Live chat with users on WhatsApp to quickly resolve customer queries.

Advanced Personalization: Deliver relevant and contextual messages based on past and real-time behavior.



Facebook Audiences

Facebook advertising services help your business build its online following, increase its brand awareness, and improve its lead generation and revenue-driving efforts with the world’s biggest social media network.

When advertising on Facebook, you can target a large batch of the audience you wish to reach out to. Facebook is a social media platform that you simply cannot overlook the growth of your service business. 

With Facebook’s massive audience (it has more than two billion monthly users), as well as advanced targeting options and diverse ad types, it’s a must-use advertising channel for companies that want to grow.


How can you use Facebook Audiences?


Engage your audience 

Monetise with high-value, interactive ad formats including rewarded video and playable ads.


Boost revenue

Get the tools, support and insights you need to help your business grow.


Increase efficiency

Our priority for you is to set your goals. There are different types of objectives, such as selling, lead generation, or growing your audience. Give every ad impression the opportunity for maximum earning potential with real-time bidding.


Deciding demographics

After in detail analysis of your business niche, our experienced professionals determine what set of demographics are most suitable to your business needs. We gather all the information you need to maximize your sale on Facebook.


Measuring and tracking

To make the ad campaign profitable, we continuously monitor and manage it. We track and tweak the camping and ensure that it does not face audience saturation and ad blindness. As time goes on, the campaign reduces its efficiency. To avoid that we strip away the audience segments that are performing poorly and improve its performance.



Webhooks are one of a few ways web applications can communicate with each other. It allows you to send real-time data from one application to another whenever a given event occurs.

For example, let’s say you’ve created an application using the API that tracks when people check into your restaurant. You ideally want to be able to greet customers by name and offer a complimentary drink when they check-in.


What a webhook does is notify you any time someone checks in, so you’d be able to run any processes that you had in your application once this event is triggered.

The data is then sent over the web from the application where the event originally occurred to the receiving application that handles the data. This exchange of data happens over the web through a “webhook URL.” A webhook URL is provided by the receiving application and acts like a phone number that the other application can call when an event happens.


Webhook Use Cases


The main advantage of the webhooks pattern is that your application doesn’t have to make periodic calls to APIs while it’s waiting for changes. Instead, APIs will call your application on a specific endpoint informing that something interesting has happened. 

• This tiny interface is used in obvious ways: bug tracking integration, sms messaging, IRC and twitter.

• Webhooks today offer a lot of value as an instant notification mechanism. 

• You can use a webhook to connect a payment gateway with your email marketing software so that a user gets an email whenever a payment bounces.

• You can use webhooks to sync customer data in other applications. For example, if a user changes their email address you can ensure that the change is reflected in your CRM as well.

You can also use webhooks to send information about events to external databases or data warehouses like Amazon’s Redshift or Google Big Query for further analysis.