Using Behavioral Analytics for Business Growth

Using Behavioral Analytics for Business Growth

There are numerous kinds of analytics solutions available to help you measure your business growth efforts and performance. But when your focus lies completely on driving growth, behavioral and product analytics are the ideal solution for estimating and understanding what individuals are doing in your application or website, and in various other channels. 

A deeper understanding of your customer’s behavior pattern helps you to settle on smarter choices around who to target and how to get them to take the activities that at last drive business development, regardless of whether that is buying a product, or signing up for a newsletter, or some other form of interaction. 

Brief on Behavioral analytics

Behavioral Analytics is an ideal approach that uncovers the actions and activities of clients within an application. It coordinates some of the key event data such as clicks into a course of events of every customer’s behavior is also known as User Journey.  Marketers utilize behavior analytics to figure out what clients like, what they do not prefer, and what changes can make the item more attractive.  

Behavioral data is raw information on the continuous events of the user’s swipe, clicks, and exploration of a site or application. Behavioral analysis completely relies on behavioral data. They can see the metrics in aggregate to understand which practices are generally normal or explore journeys/ user flows which display the order in which the user should take the action. 

Factors That Show Impact on Customer Behavior

Personality Traits

How a user behaves in any particular store or apps will be highly influenced by their natural character. Understanding deeply where the target customers lie in the category, what they prefer, etc. will be crucial to understand their behavior. 

Psychological Responses

Psychological responses by the customers play an important role in user behavior, but they are often difficult to forecast. Because customers respond to any action or situation based on attitude and perception that can differ from day to day. 

Social Trends

Social trends are external factors that show influences on the customer to choose or listen. Some of the social trends that could impact customer’s decision could be anything like peer recommendation, cultural fads, societal norms 

Mentioned below are some of the steps for analyzing user behavior instantly

– Define your business/ analytics goals

– Determine the events that correlate with your business goals

– Understanding how the users should be identified

– Establish the ‘Minimum Viable Instrumentation

– Track the activities and events in the site

– Set event properties and user properties

– Understand  customer behavior

Why should companies use behavioral analytics?

Most products, analytics, and marketing teams live in a consistent quest for the inquiry, “How are users utilizing the item?” Behavioral analytics tools furnish solid answers with a visual interface where marketers can run reports, segment users, define customer interests and needs. 

Without behavioral analytics, marketers are stuck utilizing insufficient demographic data. If a service provider needs to customize its service or products to customers, it needs their behavioral information. 

For instance, if Amazon Prime wishes to suggest movies for its users, they need additional information apart from the basic ones like age, gender, nationality, etc. They need to understand what genre the user prefers, whose movies are the most watched ones, etc. With all this behavior data, Amazon can offer a better customer experience and ultimately leads to a more paid subscriptions. 

Behavioral analytics can provide user-level data so teams can answer questions like:

– What do users click within the product?

– Where do users get stuck?

– How do users react to feature changes?

– How long do users take from the first click to conversion?

– How do users react to marketing messages?

– Which ads are the most effective?

– Can the team nudge users to be more successful?

How to apply the results of appICE behavioral analytics tools?

Most groups study their clients with division, which permits them to isolate customers dependent on behavior and characteristics. An e-commerce site, for instance, can make a section for recent users who added things to a shopping cart and then abandoned. Or then again, they could channel for potential customers who access the application numerous times a day. 

Segmentation permits marketers to find out about their customers to develop in-depth consumer profiles. They can spare customer segmentation, known as cohorts, and make modifications to their products and services to make it more productive with each section.

The behavioral analytics tools by appICE are compatible with several systems, they are versatile, and offer quick results. They enable marketers to integrate their complete range of products from mobile application to internal services such as customer support systems and CRM. 

appICE behavioral analytics tool also features an in-depth analysis of consumer data and creates an automated visual representation to make it simple to identify outliers and trends. It then measures the prediction, data, and recommendation to improve user experience.

For instance,

STARZ PLAY segmented users that joined through its free trial offer and found that a few clients were gaming for numerous trials. By making alerts for the negative actions, the team were able to close the loophole and could make savings up to 8% on their marketing spend

Here are other industrial applications for user behavior analytics:

E-commerce websites can efficiently forecast future trends and boost  conversion rates

User messaging apps can boost usage

Insurance ventures can sell extra products

Travel portals can boost bookings

Online gaming portals can attract more customers


Once you have incorporated your analytics tool to track behavior, you can send events and actions for the user actions that match your business objectives. Marketers can watch the metrics and determine how customers are interacting with your brand across app/ website, or other channels.

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