Proven Tips for Fintech Apps to trigger Mobile User’s Interest

Proven Tips for Fintech Apps to trigger Mobile User’s Interest

By the end of 2022, the number of email users across the world is projected to hit 4.3 billion.  Among all the users or the target audience, you can try to reach and convert them via email. Yet, your email should stand out among the others and grab users’ attention, so creating an email design that can effectively reach the target audience is very essential. It can build long-term relationships with the target audience and boost conversion. In this blogs let us see about Fintech Apps Mobile User’s proven tips to get your customer. 

This blog post will help you to equip yourself with the guidelines to create an efficient email for inspiring people. 

Email Design

Email design is a strategic process of designing and creating an email that can replicate your business values to your business audience, especially your current email customers and subscribers. Recipients of email often read the outline and abandon email that doesn’t provide any valuable or relevant information to them or even if the mail is too dense to read. To avoid this, you should have a great email design that is aesthetically designed, looks engaging and attractive to your mail recipients. 

Email Design Best Practices

Here are some the best practices that can trigger the mobile user’s interest 

1. Interesting and Solid Subject line 

Typically a mobile device shows up to 30 characters, so there is only limited space to impress the user to read the mail in the first look. Create a subject line that is concise, relevant, and interesting. 

2. Give more focus eye-catching pre-header

Pre-headers are the small snippets that come next to the subject line. Many marketers don’t concentrate enough on the pre-headers as they do for subject lines. However, it is also considered as one of the vital components. 

3. Segment your target audience 

Sending emails to all your target audience is a quiet old trend. As you collect data you can build a lot of profiles and can segment the customers into various groups based on their preferences. By segmenting into various groups, you can send relevant email to target audience and subscribers. 

4. Keep your email on-brand.

Branding is the most essential thing when it comes to email marketing, as soon as the user reads the email they should know that the email was sent by this specific brand. This will help in registering your brand name on their minds. 

To ensure that you keep the email onbrand, you can follow the below guidelines

– Incorporate the style, fonts, colors, and tone of your other content marketing materials such as social media platforms or your website

– Include logo, links to your social media platforms, link to your website, and CTAs that are related to your brands 

By this way you can increase the brand awareness and boost your conversion rate

5. Send Personalized Email 

Audiences don’t show interest towards formal messages, they expect their messages should be personalized. You can make use of the customer database and purchase history and personalize the emails based on their geographical location, and name. Statistics state that personalized emails have higher transaction rates comparatively. 

6. Use Visual Elements 

If the readers see a page full of the paragraphs, they naturally lose the interest to read the email further. It is going to be highly difficult to hold their attention and make them read the emails. Instead, you can add some exciting visual elements such as images, GIFs and engaging videos or animations. Try to break up the large content and give them concise and easy reading experience. 

Visual elements speak stronger than the texts. You can also add suitable emojis to your mail. Though this may seem to give an unprofessional look, this can trigger the attention of the readers. Try adding emojis in the subject line, it will fetch you more click-through and open rates. 

7. Create a responsive design by optimizing CTAs

A study shows that emails with one CTA increased the clicks up to 371% and sales up to 1617%. Make sure that CTAs should be designed with bold colors and be placed in a clutter free space. It should not have more than 2 – 5 words. 

8. Automate your emails

Give the required customization to run a successful email marketing campaign with the help of scheduling and automation tools. These tools will let you trigger a great welcome email for users to land in the subscriber’s inbox immediately after their signup. Many brands now automate and schedule their emails to be sent on the customer’s/Subscriber’s birthday. 

9. A/B test your design

Similar to other marketing efforts, a great email design should be an iterative process. You can determine the changes/updates that you require to get the best out of your email design.

Be it modifying your CTA, images, colors, layout or tone, you can always make use of the A/B testing to determine which design works best in terms of conversion, ability to reach users, or resonate with recipients. 

How Fintech apps make use of the mobile email?

Fintech apps are constantly in search of new and constant growth bases. All their product and marketing efforts constitute best customer service with thorough understanding of the customer’s psychology. Here is how various Fintech apps make use of email marketing to engage their customers.

1. Account Balance Notification 

The users of the banking service check the email to verify their payment alerts or balance notifications. 

The below example shows how this banking service does it perfectly. They started with a suitable subject line and clearly stated what the message is about. The CTA button is also placed ideally and prompts what the user has to do. 

2. Suspicious activity alert 

Another important email is sent when an unusual or suspicious activity happens with the user account. The email should be concise and the user should instantly see the list of activity.

Fintech Apps Mobile User’s

3. Stock Market or trading alert 


Trading marketing customers have to stay on the top and be aware about the recent happenings that might impact their asset. Hence, sending frequent emails are triggered about any of their specific developments such as when a stock hits its threshold or send reminders to sell their shares on a particular date, etc. 

Fintech Apps Mobile User’s

4. Reengagement messages 

Financial institutions should be very efficient and proactive in retaining customers from dropping away, so they keep sending reminders and win-back mails to their in-active customers with an aim to delinquent customers back into the fold.

5. Surveys

Another great tactic for deepening customer engagement in any part of the user lifecycle is through sending them a questionnaire or survey. If it is well-pitched and relevant, you can ask them about their feedback and how to utilize this product and the features they prefer the most. This particularly works best in any stage of the customer life cycle and they are interested in their user community.

Fintech Apps Mobile User’s


We hope this blog post would have provided insights on how to create highly-engaging email for mobile users. Each of these guidelines plays its important part in providing a well-designed and satisfied customer experience that has clarity and continuity for the customer.

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