Using Deep-Linking for frictionless conversions

Using Deep-Linking for frictionless conversions

Most people make use of their phones frequently from shopping to surfing social media and handling the businesses online. For this reason, several marketers emphasize the significance of optimizing the user experience of the business sites to keep users on the app for a longer period and letting them enjoy and share more with their friends. Let us see about Deep Linking for frictionless conversions. 

If you have been trying to optimize your mobile app, then you would have already focused on the app layout, design, fonts, etc. but are you also aware of the benefits of incorporating deep linking? It is a small detail that can bring drastic changes to your app and enhance the way how your users engage with your app. 

In this blog post, let us explore the benefits of mobile deep linking, deep linking in a push notification, and what are the benefits it can bring to your business. 

What is mobile deep linking, anyways?

Mobile deep linking is the simple practice of funneling your users deeper into the app with the help of a uniform resource identifier or URI. In short, it means the ability to directly link to the content in your site/app. This enables the marketers and app developers to push to a certain page within the app Vs simply opening it. 

Rather than simply launching the mobile app and leaving the customers at the home page, by giving a tap on the deep-link, it can bring the users to a certain page (profile, product, services, cart, or new content) in your app. Additionally, deep links can take your users to the in-app content straight from the Ad to app, Weblink to the app, SMS to the app, Email to the app, push notification to the app, or app to app. 

Now, let’s consider the below instance! 

You are a brand owner and marketer who is trying to sell your products, will you prefer your customers to land on the home page or to the product page with carts on the website? 

On the product page, of course! 

By this approach, you are helping your customers to go through a certain page by making their journey easier within the app. Ultimately, the process of directing will make the user end the goal sooner. 

The visual process looks like the below image:

Deep Linking for frictionless

Why is Deep Linking Significant for Mobile Marketers?

Mobile Deep links are quite popular on the websites. For instance, will take you to the home page, whereas the will take you to the particular page within the website. In the latter, the navigational experience is quite simple and seamless. In the highly competitive market you need efficient and fast ways to lead your customers from customized push notification to a specific page within the site, making it easier for your customer with the below aspects:

       1. Reconsider to complete a purchase, in case of an abandoned cart scenario

       2. Explore new app features

       3. Utilize the coupon code to implement the deal that you can be promoting 

The above mentioned are a few common use cases that an effective deep link can address. With ever-reducing attention spans, customers can navigate from an email to the site or an app within moments. The quicker and easier you make it for your customers to act on your marketing campaign the higher the probability of app conversion. 

Push notification is the most powerful and important tool in the mobile marketers’ tool kit. If you aim to drive engagement, acquisition, conversion, and retention, then deep linking is an undeniable factor. 

      1.  Deep linking can elevate retention and activation rates by 2X, motivating customers to visit the app 2X as frequently Vs customers who hadn’t received deep linked push notification 

      2.  With super-personalized media-rich push notification, you can boost retention rates up to 7X

Benefits of Deep Linking in Mobile Apps

For instance, if you receive a push notification about a product on your wish list that is now on offer, you simply tap the link to open and add the product to your cart. Whereas a non-deep link will simply drop off at the home screen and from there you have to navigate back to the product listing, where most of the people can find it annoying and decide to close the app. 

Here are some of the benefits of incorporating deep links:

       1. Offers frictionless transitions and better customer experience 

       2. Can double the retention rates in 1, or 7, or 30 days.

       3. The links can account for an average of 66% increase in the conversion

Deep Linking for frictionless

How Deep Links with Push Notifications Can Boost User Engagement

A personalized push notification at the right time can incredibly engage users, whereas a highly targeted notification can get the user excited about the new product launch or promotion. Below are some of the deep linking examples for push notification to excite customers and boost engagement, retention, and conversion rates. 

1. Link to product listing or specific promotion or personalized content: Helps in navigating users directly to the product page or relevant category listing. Share the latest update on the content that your user has shown interest previously based on the new message, or purchase history. 

Deep Linking for frictionless

2. Link to the New Feature or Trending: When you have launched an exciting feature or new product you can take the user to discover on their own and assist them in learning the key functionalities and features quickly. You can also keep your customers informed about the trending or latest news without navigating content categories.

3. Link to location-based content: You can also send push notification to the nearby store or restaurant while your customer is in the specific region. 

4. Link to personalized onboarding experience: Attract your new users with seamless onboarding flow with special promotions or automatically apply promo code to their first purchase

5. Link to re-engagement campaigns: Users who are inactive for a long time can be reengaged with personalized notification to reach them. Send links directly to the in-app content or encourage actions to re-engage users. 

6. Link to recapture abandoned carts: Send notifications or links to the customers 

7. Deep Link to Recapture Abandoned Carts: Send users back to an abandoned shopping cart, or a specific product listing in the checkout process.


Deep links are certainly powerful marketing tools, but you should completely understand it to reap the complete benefits. Since deep links take the user directly to the specific content page, you can easily guide the user to the intended ideal flow. 

Also, make sure that the deep links should navigate customers directly to the intended content without any login or registration that can interrupt the flow. 



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