Top Digital Marketing trends that you can’t ignore in 2021.

Top Digital Marketing trends that you can’t ignore in 2021.

Before a decade, Data-driven marketing, Artificial Intelligence, and Voice Search Engine Optimization were highly ambitious research areas. In recent days, these are top priority digital marketing trends for most businesses in 2021.

As a marketer, you should keep your eyes on the pulse of modern marketing trends to thrive in the competitive environment. Monitoring digital marketing trends becomes beneficial for app developers, marketers, or any brands who wish to improve their business performance. This blog will highlight the digital marketing trend that was dominating so far and is expected to continue trending upward.

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Artificial Intelligence

Most of the businesses have realized the dominance of AI in 2020. Indeed, AI is expected to be the heart of the global business and has already replaced many human jobs. Alexa, Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant are some of the widespread advancements of mobile AI. These AI apps are quite familiar among people and can be installed on the mobile device anytime. In addition to several other advancements, mobile apps are now preferring to use voice recognition software to encourage hands-free use and optimize the customer experience.

Video Marketing

The next top digital marketing trend is video marketing. Though there are several other ways to drive higher engagement, video marketing is considered an efficient approach as it reaches many consumers. Creating a live broadcast or sharing video on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn is one of the most popular and efficient methods to learn about new products.

It is evident that your site will drive 50 times more organic search results when compared to the text content. People generally find video content more interesting, so search engines push the pages with video content at the top.

The below statistical number demonstrates the importance of including video marketing strategy into your marketing strategy in 2021.

  • 70% of users state that they have shared a brand’s video
  • 72% of organization state that video has given a boost to their conversion rate
  • 52% of users state that product videos give them confidence in that product and influence their online buying decision.

After watching a video, over 39% call a vendor, and 65% of people visit the marketer’s site.

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Chatbots will still be an integral part of digital marketing in the upcoming years. This AI-based technology enables an instant chat facility 24/7 with your customers or site visitors. The reason behind its popularity is its responsiveness. Several consumers and visitors prefer interacting with these chatbots as they are available 24/7 and are very responsive to their queries. Furthermore, it answers all the customer queries promptly, recalls buying history, and many more. When it comes to outstanding customer service, this virtual assistance plays a crucial role in automating repetitive tasks and meeting customer expectations.

A survey state how these AI-based technologies can enhance the customer service experience:

  • By 2021 chatbots is expected to power over 85% of customer service
  • 64% feel they benefit from its 24/7 customer service
  • Instant response to customer queries – 55%

Conversational Marketing

With all these chatbots and AI-based technology, one thing is evident. Customer service is shifting towards conversational marketing. Consumers prefer conversations because when they have a query to be answered, over 82% prefer an instant response, so brands businesses are reacting. Through conversational marketing, brands or marketers can establish one-to-one or real-time connection with the customers.

Unlike the traditional marketing strategy, this form of marketing is available across several channels letting brands meet consumers on their devices, terms, time schedules, and platforms that suit the consumer best.


By 2021, personalized would be the key to stand out among your competitors. This typically means personalizing your marketing contents, emails, products, and more. Personalized emails based on the customer behavior or activities are 3X better than other generalized campaign emails.

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The below statistics prove why personalization is essential in marketing in 2021:

  • 63% of customers are annoyed with generic advertising mails
  • 90% of users say they feel personalized emails are appealing
  • 80% of consumers say they are likely to repeat business if the brand offers a personalized experience.

When it comes to personalization, Netflix and Amazon have leveraged their potential and tailored their recommendations. Here are some of the other brands that stand out with their personalized marketing.


EasyJet launched a data-based email campaign that utilizes passenger’s travel history with their airline to create personalized stories. It also suggests the place where they might wish to travel next. Over 12.5 million exclusive emails had been sent across, and the click through rate is 25% higher than other non-personalized emails.


Cadbury’s produced a personalized video campaign that suits a Dairy Milk flavor with consumer data sourced from their Facebook profile, including interest, age, and location. The video campaign generated over 33.6% conversion rate and 65% click-through rate


Starbucks uses a mobile app and collects data like location detail and purchasing history to customize their drinks. Further, it also encourages further usage with its rewards system that gave a boost to their revenue ($2.56 billion)

Browser Push Notifications

Push notifications are progressively growing, and it is reported that over 85% of online stores utilize them in 2019.

Below are some of the other stats that prove the effectiveness of push notification:

  • Twice as many customers sign up for newsletter sign up for push notification.
  • It is estimated that over 6.4 hours are passed before a user opens a newsletter, whereas, in the push notification, the recipient can instantly view the message.

Take Away

For any business or marketer, change is a critical part of the job. It is essential to look for the progressive trends in the digital space and strive to embrace the new trends and technologies, strategies, and tools to stay ahead and obtain an edge over your competitors. This was all about Digital Marketing trends in 2021.


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