The Ultimate Guide to Creating A Perfect Mobile Message

The Ultimate Guide to Creating A Perfect Mobile Message

For any brand, to create a successful mobile messaging campaign, it is essential to create a delightful experience in the beginning. It doesn’t matter if the message is simple or a complex one. Creating a simple message and sending it across the platforms is a pretty easy task, but the real challenge lies in increasing the ROIs and boosting conversions. Mobile phones have become an incredible device for people, so ultimately people have low tolerance towards poor marketing campaigns. In this blog let us see about Perfect Mobile Message. 

When it comes to the perfect mobile message campaign, there are several factors to be considered. 

This blog will help you by giving insights on strategies to create perfect mobile message marketing. It gives a breakdown of various mobile messaging channels and methods to utilize each one. 

Steps To Create a Great Mobile Messaging Campaign

Set proper campaign goals

Before starting with any marketing campaigns, you should first try to find answers to a few questions. What are you trying to accomplish? How will you get the easy measurable results, and how your personalized mobile message engagement is performing. 

All these questions rely on two aspects that are engagement event goal and conversion event goal. When you aim for the engagement events, you should focus on the customer’s single-action, such as email sign-ups, event registrations, or survey answers. 

Your conversion goal should focus on building relationships with customers, such as subscribing or bringing your visitors to the customer relationship management system. Conversion event goals are more profitable as they drive more loyalty programs, sign-ups, build a subscriber base, etc. 

Whether it is an engagement event or conversion event, the campaign message should be created with the right tone. 

Determine the target audience

Perfect Mobile Message

Once you have defined your campaign goals, the next thing you have to focus on is the target audience. For instance, targeting product X subscription to the customers who had already subscribed to it, asking feedback about the premium features to the basic users, or sending a welcome message to long term customers will not yield desired results. 

First, categorizing the customer base and sending a customized message to each group can give much better results. Sending messages to smaller groups can yield lesser replies, but since it highly targets the point, there could be more click and reply rates, subscriptions, and lesser negative responses. 

If your brand targets a younger audience of 18 – 30 years, you should have a strong messenger and notification strategy. Younger people do not even check their SMS unless it is for an OTP. Hence, brands should focus on the demographics of their potential target audiences for the ideal strategy.

Customize the Content

Perfect Mobile Message

What your message should contain is the biggest question itself. The answer could be image, contents, media files, or even GIFs and Emojis. However, the type of the range falls into the top priority category. 

When a customer comes to meet you, will you initiate a conversation with your customer as “Dear Customer”? Why would you start your message with “Dear Customer,” instead, you can use their names like “Hey Samanth.” The latter makes more sense. 

Personalized message content can increase the message open rates to 800 percent. Customizing your campaign message with more personal elements like name, app achievements, saved items, and missed items can give much better results. 

Select the Delivery Method

Once you have defined the goal and message content, the next thing you should focus on is how it will be delivered. There are multiple delivery options

– Either you can send manually

– Schedule a particular time zone 

– Use Machine learning that automatically schedules the message, then the customer is most likely to open the app. This can be determined using the customer’s previous app history 

Among all the three, the open rate in optimal time results is three times higher than the other two. 

Where should they receive the message?

As mentioned above, there are multiple message channels, and everyone has a different use. Below is the breakdown of mobile message platforms. 

Push Notifications

Push notifications are small alerts that are sent to the customer phone at a certain time frame. These messages are great for the eCommerce sites, as they can send alerts for shoppers about the sale or travelers about the recent flight updates. Below are a few things about push notifications: 

– It requires permission from the customer

– Has the potential to deep-link and drive more customers to the specific app content

– Can reach customers outside of an app 

In-App Messages

In-app messages are helpful to send a notification to the gamers about the events, or next levels, or any special events happening in the app. Through in-app messages, you can send notifications or alerts to users within the app. This is an excellent medium for onboarding, tutorials, and promoting in-app content. 

– Unlike push notifications, users can only see them when they are opening the app.

– They can work hand in hand with push notification, as they can deep-link to an in-app message. 

– People can either dismiss or engage with it.

App Inbox

App Inbox is similar to the Newsfeed information for the customers. It is an ideal place for marketers to remind about special sales, offers, and other on-going events. Here are some of the things about the app inbox: 

– The message does not disappear, as it is a persistent container of the message 

– It contains previous notifications as the new customer looks for the live news and updates

– Doesn’t require any permission or agreement from customers 


Utilizing email as a medium is another ideal way to reach customers outside the app. In the case of an e-commerce site, this is an excellent way to reach customers outside the app and send them reminders about the abandoned cart or price drop of a product in their wish list. This channel is a great medium re-engage dormant users or those who have denied permission for push notification

Here are some of the points about email 

– Can help reach the customers who opted out of push notifications

– Reach dormant customers who had been inactive 

– It can easily integrate with your message channels to reach widespread customers 


Creating a message for campaigns can be simple, but proper strategy helps brands develop and optimize their best mobile message. The above mentioned are the proven strategies incorporated by top brands and has latched on to the development of mobile messaging. This was all about Perfect Mobile Message- the ultimate guide to create perfect message.


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