The Popular Customer Messaging Channels And It’s Potential

The Popular Customer Messaging Channels And It’s Potential

Customer messaging channels are a great technology-supported approach for marketers to communicate with their customers. The communication channels can deliver personalized and relevant content to your potential customers at the right time. It’s an excellent tool for enhancing user experience and adding value to the app or website. In terms of the business benefits, communication channels can increase engagement, customer retention, and conversion. These communication channels can be either transactional (notifying your customers about their package) or commercial (sharing information or any special event) 

Being said that, communication channels are becoming highly popular among both organizations and customers. 

Here’s a brief run-through of the key messaging channels marketers should understand 

Customer Messaging Channels


Push Notification

With the recent shift in app utilization, push notification plays a significant role in engaging customers at the right time with the right message to reduce the churn rate. 

The below listed are the significant types of push notification: 

  1. Mobile app push notification: It is the original type utilized to reach app customers when they do not utilize a brand’s mobile app. 
  2. Web push notification: It is an upcoming type of push notification that enables marketers to send messages through a web browser to visitors who are not currently visiting the site. 
  3. Wearable push notification: With this kind of push notification lets the marketers extend their outreach of mobile push notification by displaying the message on the customer’s wearable gadgets like a smart watch


Here are specific benefits of implementing push notification: 

  • Send tailored and personalized push notifications to various customer bases using AI-powered technology.
  • Perform A/B test push message to monitor the campaign and figure ways to improve the performance
  • Ability to send consistent messages across the messaging channel such as email, SMS, in-app, web push, WhatsApp, and more. 
  • Facility to engage users who are not on your site currently 
  • Promote unique products, services, discounts, or offers. 
  • Increase delivery rates up to 80% for push notification opt-in users
  • Helps in building brand reputation and trust by delivering valuable content 

In-App Messages

In-app messages are one kind of notification that enables marketers to communicate with their customer base currently on their site or app. In-app messages don’t require customers to opt-in and come in various formats and sizes, letting it support both text-focused messages, simple, or content-rich or more extended outreach.

Push notifications are brief and simple, while in-app messages support more complex text, GIFs and convey complex messages with rich visual experiences. Though the basic functionality looks similar to the push-notification, it is different in several ways. The prime reason, it can exclusively reach customers who are active on the app or website. Hence, if you are intended to share time-sensitive or urgent information, it is ineffective to engage your customers on critical things. 

There are certain things markets need to be aware of the mobile messages:

  • Customers can only view the message when they are in the app or website
  • They are permanent, and a customer can either engage with them or discard them 
  • They can work along with push notification, such as a push can contain a link to an in-app message. 

The main in-app message types are: 

  1. In-app messages: These messages can reach customers who currently use your app and can be a great way to trigger your customers to perform specific actions within the app. 
  2. In-browser messages: The outreach is similar to the in-app messages but enables direct communication with web viewers when visiting your site. 

Customer Messaging Channels

Email Communication

Email is a common message that enables marketers to reach their potential customers with important communication that also supports the type of rich and in-depth content. Though it is one of the oldest communication channels, marketers still consider it as an efficient approach. Statistics state that most of the email opens now happens on gadgets like tablets and smartphones, making email and significant mobile messaging channels. 

There are certain things markets need to be aware of the email messaging:

  • Brands can send email only with the customer’s permission 
  • Though email is a great option to reach a significant customer base, not every person will be reachable through this channel

App Inbox

App inbox is a sort of newsfeed information for your customers. 

There are certain things markets need to be aware of in the app inbox:

  • Unlike push notifications or in-app messages, an app inbox is a determined container for notifications and messages that does not disappear
  • It contains previous notifications so customers can quickly look for the news and updates when required. 
  • It acts as a great option to store on-going events on sale and offers, or reminders 
  • An excellent option for long-lasting messages 

App email marketing automation Email

Utilizing email as a communication channel is a great way to reach customers outside the app or website. Especially in an eCommerce site, email can be an effective way to remind customers of abandoned carts and help combat cart abandonment. 

There are certain things markets need to be aware of the email communication channel:

  • Possess the ability to reach dormant customers who haven’t logged into the app or site recently
  • It can be integrated with other messaging channels easily to reach a vast customer base. 
  • It could be used as a communication channel for the customers who opt-out of push-notification. 


Strategizing, scheduling, or managing the messaging channels doesn’t have to be tedious. We at appICE can aid with appropriate technical support to efficiently manage all the mobile messaging channels. Brands can also perform A/B testing to analyze your marketing strategy and content and determine what is working. This was all about Customer Messaging Channels And It’s Potential to communicate customer. 

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