Mobile App Store Optimization Tips

Mobile App Store Optimization Tips

Mobile App Store Optimization is a process of getting visibility to your new or existing app in the App store. You might wonder how this ASO will help you in getting leads, but you should remember that there are millions of competitors in the market. Mobile app optimization plays a vital role in helping people to discover your app easily and supports you to stay ahead of the competition. 

The following Mobile App Optimization tips will help you in getting good attention to your mobile app it deserves. 

Get ready to dive deep with each point!

Mobile App Store Optimization

Prime elements of the App Store Optimization

Let’s begin with the essential components that impact the App Store Optimization:

  1. Title and Description: The keyword used in the title, the description should have the potential to drive the highest traffic. Hence, spending most of your effort in researching the keyword will be worth it. Also, it is advised not to change the title often, as it might affect the views that your app gets due to high rank. 
  2. Keyword placement: To boost the search engine ranking, the right and relevant keyword is the most essential factor that targets the majority of your audience. It also helps in monitoring your competitors and comparing them. 
  3. Number of Downloads: The total number of downloads is very important for App Store Optimization as it helps make the comparison.  
  4. Reviews and Ratings: Good ratings and reviews will help your app in getting good views. 

Mobile Optimization Tips

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1. Category 

Placing your mobile app in the right category in the play store will not only help the audience who browses category wise but also helps to obtain good ranking. Remember to place your app in the wrong category will create more trouble and might also lead to rejection. Note: Apple Play Store reviews all the submitted apps before publishing.

– Choose the category that best describes your mobile app (choosing the category with the minimum category will increase the chance of getting better ranking). 

– Check the Estimated App worth (EAW) of the top-ranking apps and put your app in the category with lower numbers. Choosing the minimum competitive category allows your app to rank better.

Note: if you are curious to know the performance of your competitor’s app, check for the available tools like Sensor Tower in the market 

2. App Icon 

App Icon is the first thing that a user notices, hence make sure that your mobile app’s icon should be eye-catching, engaging, and a way different to other apps.


3. Title, Description

A good title, description for your app helps your audience understand the purpose of the app while boosting the rankings. Especially if you place relevant keywords on the title, the description can boost your app ranking by a minimum of 10% higher comparatively. You should remember that both Google Play and the iOS App store follow different methods in handling the keywords, so a common approach for both would not be suitable. Make a separate title description for Android and Apple users individually. 

4. Screenshots and Videos 

Screenshots and Videos have been cited as the second most influential factors when it comes to attracting users to download the app. More approachable and high-quality screenshots encourage customers to download the app and boost the rating which will make a huge difference. 

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– Include informative and attractive screenshots that will be appealing to your users in the app description. 

– Make sure to include the relevant information that your users expect and mention the key features of your app. 

5. Ratings and Reviews 

When a user browses the app store, ratings, and reviews are the first things that will grab their attention. It is also seen as a critical decision making factor. The more positive reviews an app has the more possibility for it to be ranked high. 

– Ensure to display explicit content and use unique app icon

– The quantity and quality of your reviews will yield results to your App Store Optimization efforts. 

– Never miss any opportunity to get honest and organic reviews from the users who had used your app earlier. 

 6. Localization 

If you are targeting the non-English-speaking community, try to adapt your language and brand communication in the language they understand.

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If required, you can also utilize myriad solutions for translation or localization services which are not very expensive. These services can help you in translating your mobile app’s title, description, keywords, and screenshots to the preferred languages of your large target audience. 

Clash of Clans publisher translated their app description to grab the attention of the Chinese market:

7. The wise use of App Store Analytics

Similar to Google Analytics, which is used for web page marketing, there are also app store analytics tools that will help in enhancing the mobile marketing strategy. By utilizing these analytics you can get insights on the position of your app in the competition, and design the strategy accordingly to boost the app store ranking. 

8. Keywords

Similar to SEO, keywords play a vital role in ASO. Just like the Title, your app description keywords should be different for Google Play and Apple App Store. Apple App Store allows 100 characters for your keywords while there is no particular keyword field in Google play store. You are allowed to add over 4000 characters in the Google play store. 

– For the best results place the most important keywords in the description for over 5 times

– Make sure not to overdo the keyword placements, because irrelevant keyword stuffing might lead you to be penalized and ultimately bring a drop in the ranking. 

9. Valuable Content Description 

Your mobile app description is like the home page of a website. It has seen as the important factor of an App Store Optimization strategy because users know only the name of your app, the description is the part where they will understand about your app. Hence, your app should answer questions like what your app does and how it can solve your problem. How it can make the user’s life simple? 

– Harness the power of the app store optimization by giving better insights to prospective users. 

– iOS allows users to upload 30-second video recordings to describe the in-app experience and user experience. 

– With more valuable content you can see a good rise in the conversion 

10. Re-Evaluation 

After you launch your app in the app store, make sure to conduct a regular assessment, review the data, and make the required changes to enhance the ranking. 

Verify the below points:

– Appropriate keyword placement

– Relevant description

– Is your app placed in the right category?

– Is the app icon attractive or needs some changes? 


With a proper understanding of the techniques and algorithms behind the app store ranking, you can go past the competitors. All it requires is a good blend of app store optimization knowledge, and excellent strategy.


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