Hello World | Introducing AppICE A Marketing Automation Tool using AI

Hello World | Introducing AppICE A Marketing Automation Tool using AI

From the day we started our journey, we were determined to deliver smart software which would enable smart lives. Our experience, expertise and our passion towards the work we deliver has enabled us to dream big and think about the possibilities that futuristic technology can bring a change in everyone’s lives.

While we were working for companies like Google & Microsoft, we had the opportunity to learn the entire technology ecosystem that has been prevalent in the world and it helped us dream about the vision we have for AppICE.

We believe solving a problem, one step at a time can create a lot of value rather than going wacky about the solution and waste precious time on feckless software solutions.

With a very lean & talented team comprising of five engineers, two data scientists, and a quality assurance personnel. We have till date published two patents in India & US. With our Advisory Board consisting of Dilip Mistry(Vice President, Digital, McKinsey), Gokul Rajaram(Father of Adsense) & Michael Becker, our relentless effort has always been fulfilling under their influence.

Our quest with AppICE began when we realized about many problems in our present Mobile App Analytics environment that Product Managers are forced to ignore it, as there are no solutions available for it till date. Few problems we thought we should address with AppICE were:-

  • The turbulence caused by handling many analytics based SDKs
  • Sending Notifications without User Segmentation
  • Incorrect information about Churn
  • Multiple Dashboard Solutions for various analytic services
  • Unable to understand profitability on a scale of per user
  • Information about user if he/she is using competing apps
  • No clean method to understand the journey of a user from end-to-end

We built a solution which would answer all the above problems and our thought went too deep thinking about the possibilities with which we could solve it and add more value to the solution.

We built a system, a single dashboard solution which would help people understand their application business in depth. The good thing is, with our application we were helping developers to bring down their total application size and our system was capable of applying machine language at scale and derive actionable insights. Our solution is a platform where a product owner could find information more than he wanted with actionable insights. Our platform for Integrated App Marketing implemented the following:-

  • Cross-Platform App Analytics (Android/iOS)
  • Audience Intelligence Engine
  • User Acquisition Tracking (Installs)
  • Un-install Tracking
  • Contextual Segmentation & Targeting
  • In-The-Moment Engagement(Push/In-App Notification)

Visual Representation 1 —

The old way approach towards mobile analytics has cluttered the ecosystem and there are many products in the market which give loosely ended solutions.

With the Analytics & Prediction Engine of AppICE which uses Machine Learning & Real-Time Analytics to understand a User’s Journey. AppICE captures the user journey throughout the time the Mobile Application is installed on user’s smartphone. As we acquire more data about the user, AppICE has built accurate models that underwent and predict the user behavior.

—Visual Representation 2—

We use a combination of contexts to understand the behavior of a user through finding out the users interests and add machine learning algorithms to sense & learn the users routine in his day to day life. Once these insights are surfaced by the system, the next logical step is to take action on these insights in real time. This is where the Real-Time Context system enables users to send “segment of 1” personalized messages in real time.

Some of the key insights that AppICE delivers are:-

  • Churn Prediction
  • Place Prediction
  • Fraud Detection
  • Interest Understanding
  • Competitive Intelligence

AppICE stands out because we are enabling brands to engage with users with a real-time contextual appeal, track their business competition and keep a tab on the pricing as well. With a very simple guide to integrating AppICE, developers & product managers who got a taste of our product beforehand are loving the experience and also realizing how effectively Mobile Analytics can drive their business effectively.

In our quest to be the key game changers in enabling smarter lives we envision a future where this holistic approach in understanding a user to be used by industries in almost every business vertical. We are working harder to make AppICE more impactful in emerging technology spaces like IOT, Chatbot Systems. Keep a tab on our blog to learn more about our work and our belief about tomorrows technology.


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