Email message examples for effective onboarding

Email message examples for effective onboarding

Effective onboarding Email message are crucial for customers to get accustomed to your app and a medium to use and gain value from a service or a product. Your emails should educate users on the perks of using this service or what they gain from this product. It will help the customers understand your brand and encourage long-term engagement. 

With effective and customer-centered onboarding you can achieve higher retention rates which will result in greater revenues and an increase in customer lifetime value. 

This article will highlight some of the best examples of emails with an effective welcome message. 

Welcome onboarding emails

Welcome Effective onboarding Email message are one of the prominent aspects of the customer onboarding journey. A well-crafted welcome email will guide new users to explore further, by giving them what they can expect. It also helps them with a seamless first experience with your service or products. Irrespective of the organization size or type, a welcome onboarding email is essential for new users. 

How to send an effective onboarding email?

Ultimately, any brand is keen on one point, which is to satisfy their customers. The key to successful onboarding emails is the simple ones and the one that they are glad to receive. Hence, any onboarding email should be simple, deliver value, educate users, and help users to advance with deeper stages of your products or services. 

– Start with a simple and great sign-up process

– Extend an offer or rewards 

– Set expectations

– Give personalized experience 

– Make it real 

– Make it a simple process 

– Encourage social media interactions

– Use eye-catchy design 

– Personalize the phrases in the subject line and email body

The below-listed onboarding email examples demonstrate the best emails put by the companies to help their customers. 

DoorDash: Engage users with animated images

Effective onboarding Email message

There are hundreds of emails flooding people’s inbox every day, so it becomes challenging to make your email stand out with unique elements. Hence, here in the DoorDash Welcome email, they had created an eye-catchy email with colorful variables that helps users to get engaged and read more. 

However, one thing which you should be cautious here is about the effects and the size of the animation. It is always good to have an animated email, but it won’t yield fruitful results if users had to encounter broken images. 

Farnam Street: Set expectations

Effective onboarding Email message

The welcome email message from Farnam Street is quite informative for users, it set expectations by mentioning that they will receive 2 emails. It also elaborates that order of events to be expected, like on every Sunday users will receive an email about top reads. 

One best thing about this email message, they don’t give surprise to customers by immediately flooding their inbox, rather they clearly state how many emails and when they will receive it. If users get more emails, there are high chances that users could unsubscribe before you onboard them. 


The welcome email from ProdPad narrates that what exactly the users can expect from the brand. ProdPad had focused on redesigning and the groundwork to give impressive onboarding experience. The message consists of key actions that would obviously lead to more conversion. Additionally, they are offering a free trial to reward customers with more time to explore and complete key actions.

Product Hunt 

The short and crisp line of the message gives the required glimpse and encourages users to read the email. It also contains necessary links with descriptions for the users to explore easily. Additionally, the names added in the ending gives more personalized touch for the users. A study states that emails with personalized messages can increase the open rate by 6x. 


Effective onboarding Email message

Habitat welcome email contains colorful elements with rich images that grab the attention of the users and encourage them more to read the email. 

With a clear CTA, they successfully drive the new users to proceed with their further steps and increase higher conversion rates. The email also contains elements that can be useful to explore new product ranges and engage on social channels. 


Dominos had realized that increasing the customer lifetime value is possible by higher customer engagement. Hence their welcome email is more rewarding for the new customers as they treat them as valued customers and offer good reward programs. This will motivate the users to utilize their reward programs and benefits. 


Squarespace’s welcome message focuses on giving value to their customers and motivates them to create an account and upgrade. The email message is a clear and simple way that makes it easier for the users to reach out to the support team if any help is required to progress further. 


As you read above, great welcome email messages are so prominent and a casual way of handshake to start a conversation. Hence, make your welcome messages more effective by having a glimpse of these examples and set expectations on uses for what they can expect. This was all about Effective onboarding Email message. 


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