Creative Push Notifications

Creative Push Notifications

A well-timed push notification, along with some creative elements has the power to resonate with mobile customers. Let us see about Creative Push Notifications. 

If you consider push notifications as a small window, then you are not on the right path! 

It is a great boon to businesses that has the potential for a higher level of user engagement through creative and customized push notification. If you had convinced customers to opt for push notifications. However, to keep that fire ignited in customers, businesses should consistently deliver notifications that are informative for the users. 

Here in this guide, we have curated some of the popular and creative push notifications that could spark your strategy to engage your customers most innovatively. 

Tips for creating an engaging push notification 

Creative Push Notifications

Many bigger brands see push notification as a powerful marketing tool that efficiently bridges the gap between the brand and its consumer. However, you must be cautious in creating a push notification, if handled inappropriately, it can ruin your business. 

To support the above statements we have mentioned a few statistical facts:

– One-third of the users delete an app due to excessive notification and ads

– An average smartphone user in the US receives around 45 push notification every day

– Using emojis in the push notification had increased the user’s choice for opting by 85%

– Around 45 percent of iPhone users and 60% percent of the android users opt to receive a push notification 

Here are some tips that help in creating an innovative push notification:

– Refrain from sending too many notifications 

– Keep the message crisp and short

– Do not send generalized message to everyone, try to personalize the messages 



Swarm incorporates one of the innovative approaches to deliver push notification. Swarm’s messages focus on key elements like Emojis, interactive content, and behavioral triggers. 

Key features:

– For every category of the venue, they make use of unique emojis in their messages. 

– They send across interactive push messages, hence users can like or comment on the check-in without the need for launching the app


Creative Push Notifications

We have mostly noticed that shopping notification is bland, but Amazon had brought a transformation through personalized push notification. 

Key attractive features:

– Based on the data such as location, name, and past purchase, Amazon sends across a personalized message to their users 

– These customized messages provoke a good response from their customers

Buzzfeed News

Creative Push Notifications

There are several apps for the news update, but Buzzfeed incorporates a unique strategy in optimizing their push notification content with timely content and suitable emojis. 

Key attractive features:

– Push notification from Buzzfeed is not the news headlines, they send messages that are relevant for the customers 

– It allows the customer to click through the news article or read the message fully


Creative Push NotificationsQuizUp is a mobile trivia game that incorporates a unique approach to keeping its users active.

Key attractive features:

– Push notification from QuizUp not just reminds about the value of their association to keep them active, but sends certain gentle reminders to keep up their interest level.

– Being a mobile game app they believe sending continuous reminders or discount offers would not in keeping the user’s interest level up 


Level sends push notifications that are engaging for the customers. They believe that notifications don’t need to be actionable at all times. 

Key attractive features:

– Level keeps sending push notification to surprise customers, acknowledge their accomplishments 

– They incorporate all the encouraging and customizing elements in the message to continue using the app and receive a push notification 



It’s quite simple for brands to incorporate related information in their marketing strategy, but it becomes challenging when unrelated trends have to be incorporated to keep their users active. Minibar – a liquor delivery start demonstrated their creativity in sending push notification through unrelated trends

Key attractive feature:

  • Minibar made good use of the US election wave, through which they send attractively and call to action push messages to encourage their customers to perform their civic duty while establishing their brand



Several brands have started enjoying the benefits of creative push notification. Netflix, being a popular entertainment business is no exception. 

Key features: 

– Netflix never misses a chance to send across funny notifications about the release of the next season of the show 

– The message does not only communicate the related information, but is a call-to-action to watch the trailer of the show 



Delectable is one of the creative businesses that made excellent use of the wine database to promote its topical events through push notification.

Key features: 

– The push notification mainly focuses on attracting their customers with simple information rather than sending them messages based on their history.

– The creativity of the message is demonstrated through its entertaining elements and recommendation

– Their push notifications are not completely promotional 


Simon Circles

SimonCircle makes use of this conventional way of interrupting the user’s routine to read their messages by making it more conversational. 

Key features: 

– SimonCircle sends push notifications that gently remind their customer about their leader board and motivates them to play again

– It builds a friendly competition by reminding about the high scores 

– They also let the users how to beat the top score by igniting their spark to play the game.



Topman is a shopping app that includes emojis and personalized messages to update their users about their new releases.

Key Features:

– Topman sends an attractive push notification to users whenever they launch new lines of the attires. 

– The message also includes their names and timely emojis that are fit for their call-to-action 

– These notifications do not only offer new styles and trends but also an attention-grabbing notification for their promotion 


We hope the above examples would have given you the right direction for creative push notification. Ultimately, a clear, personalized, and engaging push notification is the key to success. With proper data, you can create attractive push notifications in any vertical. This was all about Creative Push Notifications. 









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